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April 21, 2014
by Simian Baley
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Bee Pollen Benefits for Men : Increase your sex drive naturally and infuse passion into your relationship

Have you ever imagined that you could find that one perfect supplement that everyone can take that is good for something?

How about that one complete super food that is nourishing for men, women, and children?

You can now take confidence in buying bee pollen for the entire household, and as you may have read in another article about the benefits that bee pollen has for women, there are also many bee pollen benefits for men too.

Bee pollen has been widely studied in European countries, and for men, the studies have shown bee pollen to be effective in preventing prostate cancer, as well as treating it.  There are also studies that show bee pollen increases libido in men as well as sperm count.

The Challenge in Treating Conditions With Bee Pollen

While many doctors would argue that bee pollen isn’t medicine, or that it is ineffective, there are plenty of men that have tried it in Europe that would argue with you.

On one end, they want to share so badly with you something that they know to be true and on the other hand they know that if you are from the United States, it will take plenty of convincing.

In the United States, the face of medicine is quite different from other countries, meaning that the way healthcare is managed, it is run on prescription medications. It is also a symptom focused healthcare, where the symptom is treated, and not the root cause (lack of wellness).

In Europe and Asia, conditions and diseases are first treated naturally, and then should those methods fail, the patients are treated with mild medications. If those mild medications fail then onto the more serious stuff.

As a result, there hasn’t been a lot of studies done on bee pollen and its effectiveness in the United States, but those who have tried it are learning, and want to continue to use it for as many ailments as possible.

Bee Pollen Benefits for Men With Prostate Problems

As men and women age they face more challenges. While some are hormonal for women, they are not necessarily hormonal for men. Women battle menopause once they are between the ages of 45 and 50, but men tend to face challenges with their health between the ages of 40 and 45.

The concerns are generally for the prostate gland; some worry about struggling with an enlarged prostate while others worry about getting prostate cancer. Doctors in Europe have discovered genuine evidence pointing to the link of better prostate health for these men in this age bracket of 40 to 45 and beyond.

Studies show that men who begin eating at least one tablespoon of bee pollen each day, don’t have any prostate related conditions later in life. The bee pollen is equal to 15 grams or 1 tablespoon and must be consumed on a daily basis in order to be effective.

Doctors also discovered that those men that had prostate problems, and were scheduled for surgery were able to recover from the use of bee pollen.

That’s right; even those that were scheduled for surgery were able to avoid it through the daily use of bee pollen.

While no one can explain it exactly, the evidence speaks for itself. The fact that a man is consuming something so loaded with vitamins and minerals, and is able to recover from a condition that plagues so many, it is no surprise that others would want to know more about this. Correct?

Bee Pollen Benefits for Men Who Have Decreased Libido

There are so many benefits for anyone who uses bee pollen, but again our focus is on the guys here; at least for now!

Men not only face challenges with the health of their prostate but they also face challenges with losing their libido. This is also a common problem among women as they age, but we are all subject to these changes as we age.

Too often, men face these challenges but are less likely to seek help from a doctor than a woman. Women are more outspoken when dealing with problems like this because they deal with hormones their entire life, but for men it’s different.

Knowing what is available ahead of time is more helpful so that the solution can be accessed before it’s too late.

Bee pollen has been proven to be effective in raising libido even when taken only for just a week or so. Everyone is different, so don’t expect it to change overnight.

The key to using bee pollen is testing your tolerance to the bee pollen first, and then once you know how much you can take, or identify any allergies, you can then continue to use it and increase your dosage as needed.

Being sexually active is part of life, and it’s a big part of enjoying your life with passion with your partner as you age. There is nothing wrong with seeking out a better sex life no matter how old you are, and bee pollen just might be your answer.

Bee pollen has also been shown to be effective in raising sperm count, and more research is being done on this. As more and more people attest to the effectiveness and benefits of bee pollen, more doctors and scientists want to do studies to encourage what they believe to be true.

In conclusion, bee pollen has been shown to be effective in treating many conditions and diseases, and while more research is being done, it doesn’t hurt to try it.

There are many men who are finding hope in treating and preventing problems with their prostate gland, decreased libido as well as low sperm count.

Men shouldn’t bee afraid to try bee pollen, and they will bee so happy they did!

Being Muscular is significant so is being sure you are safe. Browse through to read more concerning possessing a refuge to store your pistols.


April 6, 2014
by Simian Baley
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Bulking Up The Arms And Chest Area

Bulking Up The Arms And Chest Area – A Testimonial

I’m a skinny guy.  I’ve always been a skinny guy.  In fact, I was teased for being a skinny guy all the way through high school.  My best friend, a female, told me it didn’t matter because I was such a ‘sweetheart’; but it mattered, I knew it did.  So, when I reached college I knew I had to do something or doom myself to the life of a bachelor – and not in a good way.  Thing was, I had no idea how to go about it. I really had no idea how to gain weight

I’d heard of the traditional routes to bulking up the arms and chest area: weight training, a change in diet, even drinking that disgusting formula that helps you gain some serious muscle in one month; but it wasn’t for me.  I needed something simple that wouldn’t make me feel like a moron among the ‘buff’ dudes in the gym.  You have no idea what it’s like being teased in a gym – it’s worse than high school.

I did my online research and found something fantastic on  It turns out that I was able to build up my arms and chest area without having to leave the sanctuary of my own home – definite bonus!  All I had to do was complete some simple exercises each day for eight weeks, and I didn’t even need to lift weights!

Each week in the program required me to complete a different type of exercise.  Week one and two had me doing wide press-ups; week three had alternating shuffle press-ups.  Week four presented a very difficult challenge called the diamond press-up, and week five had a one-arm press-up.  Week six had a cross over press up where you moved from one side to another, and weeks seven and eight basically had a combination of all of them.

It was difficult to maintain this exercise regime – even when I was using the xtreme no supplement, but all the effort was worth it in the end.  I had a bulked upper torso just by doing press-ups.

April 6, 2014
by Simian Baley
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Buy Alteril

Natural, Quality Sleep Is Coming Your Way When You Buy Alteril

Alteril is the most popular all-natural sleeping supplement available. Let’s take a look at why it is so effective when it comes to giving you that quality sleep you are so desperately missing.

Why Choose Alteril?

This premium grade sleep aid contains only all-natural ingredients. They have been proven to work effectively when it comes to helping you sleep.

You will find an essential amino acid which helps with your serotonin levels. These levels affect many things including your mood and your sleep patterns. Then there is Melatonin. This natural ingredient has been used for many years, and has proven effective when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep.

Getting To Sleep Faster

Another excellent ingredient this formula contains is Valerian. It works to help you get to sleep faster; while it works effectively it does not offer any habit forming effects.

Quality Of Sleep Dictates Quality Of Life

Sleep is vital if you are to lead a happy, healthy and active life. Sleep depravation affects millions of people worldwide and can cause untold misery.

When you buy Alteril these problems should become a thing of the past.

Combine It With Lifestyle Changes

To help you get the best from this excellent all-natural formula you should look to change your diet and exercise regimen. When you are eating healthy, nutritious food it will give your body the balance it needs.


As for exercise; not only will it help keep you in trim, but it will also exert additional energy. This should mean that when it is time for bed you are ready for sleep. It is important for you to understand that regular exercise is far more important than ‘knocking yourself out’.

Please do not think you need to rush out and buy expensive gym membership or take on-board a personal trainer. You only need exercise 3 or 4 times each week for 30 minutes at a time to see benefits. This routine can be built up over time and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.


When you combine these lifestyle changes with the regular use of Alteril the sleep you so desire will be yours!


April 5, 2014
by Simian Baley
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Become A Learning Dynamo With A Combination Of The Right Attitude And CILTEP

We all wish to be smarter and be able to use our brains more effectively. As a child I was not the smartest kid in the class. In fact I don’t think I ever was. But what I most definitely was, was a kid that always did his best with what he was given. I never backed down from a challenge and I never viewed problems as problems but as things to be curious about and with the right knowledge and patience, anything could be solved.

Even though I was never the smartest during college either, I stil had a positive attitude to learning. And this positive attitude was further enhanced when my friends introduced me to the CILTEP stack which is a type of natural smart pill that does not possess any type of negative side effect.

CILTEP is known to boost motivation levels so that you actually want to study and learn material. It also helps you sustain a high level of mental functioning over the long term. Memory and recall of information is boosted and so to is your concentration.

So when I combined my natural attitude to learning with this natural pill, great things started to happen for me. I became a dynamo when it came to learning. I still wasn’t the smartest in any of my classes but I scored at the top of my class in all subjects. I owe this to my attitude and the use of this smart pill.